Brandon was instrumental in helping me with one of the greatest achievements to date, completing the Spartan Race Trifecta. Rather than tell you how great he is, it’s easier for me to tell you exactly what he did to get me there:

  1. Regular motivation and a thought out plan to help me focus on areas needing improvement

  2. Advised me on my diet and nutrition

  3. Low impact exercises and workouts that helped with recovery (key difference for me, not many trainers think about this)     

Couple that with the fact he is a great guy made working out fun.

- MP

I’ve been personal training with Brandon for 4 months now and it’s really changed my body and attitude to fitness. Every session is different, challenging and fun! He helped me mentally and physically prepare for a series of Spartan races last year, encouraging and motivating me to push through them. I was able to accomplish that by growing stronger with every workout with him. I’m noticing an increase in muscle definition, strength and endurance as he helps me achieve my fitness goals. He’s an awesome trainer!

- AG

I have been active and dedicated to fitness over the past few years, recently relocating from NYC, working w/ a trainer at a notable gym and taking various classes, including spinning and HIIT. For no particular reason, my goals were to just get “bigger” and “lift as much as possible.” After moving to California, I wanted to achieve similar goals, without having much knowledge as to what would work best for my body type and lifestyle. 

From my first session with Brandon, he was able to access my issues, areas of concern and develop a program that would create a great base for future growth. After a few months, I now feel stronger and more flexible than ever. It was not about size, but doing a combination of exercises that would work my over all body. As we head into the new year, we have discussed plans for how I can get to the next level, all while still ensuring I am without injury. Additionally, as someone who travels quite a bit, Brandon is great at sharing exercises for me to do while I am gone so I can maintain my workout. On top of all that, he’s incredible patient, organized and fun. He makes the sessions fly by and he’s become a great friend and confidant to me. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know. 

- LL